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Education. Data. Accessibility.

Identifying the learning we need and the most effective education content. 

We're Always Skouting

For the best in knowledge and skill development worldwide.

Online, accessible, education has never been more important and there is more education content available online than ever before. Knowledge Skout works to make sense of it all... through data and insights. 

Labour Market Data

Access to education improves job prospectives. We work to identify  knowledge and skill gaps in the workplace. 

Content Assessment

Online content is abundant today. We work to identify the link between effective content and the acquisition of knowledge. 

Program Design

Educators want to know their programs are effective. We help build better programs leveraging data and education expertise.


We get right to the facts.


Hours of Education Material Online


Universities and Colleges around the world


People unemployed in North America right now


Of College and University Students were taking online classes prior to the pandemic

About Us

We're passionate about education and technology.

Knowledge Skout brings together decades of experience in education, technology, labour market research, curriculum development, and online learning. We're committed to ensuring as many people as possible have access to the highest quality education content, contributing to knowledge aquisition, personal and professional advancement, toward an efficinet and healthy economy. 

Our Process

Our Process

Partnering with our clients to do great things in learning.

We work with our education partners to understand skill development needs in the workforce, understand the needs of target learner audiences, and design the most effective programs and learning materials. 

Levearging the latest in learning technology, and the most effective learning content, we design programs that promote increased engagement, retention, and success for graduates entering the workforce. 


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Toronto, Ontario


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